Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ronnie/Pear of Normal Activity

Immersive projection booth, Ronnie, designed and built allowing for an image to be projected on a screen that wraps around the face. Viewers would kneel down upon plush pillows and put their head behind the curtain to view what ever video, or video game, is being shown. With in-your-face DLP projection video and stereo theater sound, Ronnie is the future of escapist entertainment.

In the case of New Media BFA Show "Fifteen" December of 2010, Ronnie was showing "Pear of Normal Activity." A video piece created specifically designed with Ronnie in mind. The video consists of long sequences of large group social interaction of nightlife scenes, with varying speeds and adjustments depending on sequence, filmed from hidden camera locations. Curiosity leads gallery visitors to submit to the question of 'whats behind the red curtain?' in the most sincere way; on one knee and face covered. Inside will be seen a party in progress, but no one knows you're there watching and listening, although not much is deciphered and sentences are occasionally misunderstood. It is an exclusive experience that can be witnessed one at a time, and becomes a test for the art viewer who might feel uncomfortable in the viewing position.
Mixed materials, projector, pillows. 2010.
15:48 video loop. 2010.

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