Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Opposing Rumors

 Two Opposing Rumors; "Done Goofed"

60x60in. bitmap drawing. laserjet print. 2011.

A piece about bridging the gap of digital and traditional process of picture making. Manuel drawn full scale MS Paint bitmap with tablet, artist taken screen captures of glitches, and final arrangement all courtesy of computer tools.

"Done Goofed"
Printed version: tile printed on 48 letter sheets of paper, stretched over frame and presented in traditional painting fashion. Appearing at media bfa exhibition, March 2011.

Original image "Gossip" by George Wotherspoon, early 20th century.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Akinesia Strain

Untitled Tryptic. MS Paint. 2011.


Collaboration piece between Michael Morgan, Blake Bruns, Bradford Spencer, Jenny Vogel, and myself for eARTh day. Created to be viewed in a planetarium, this video takes you from the depths of the ocean, to the far reaches of space, back to Earth.
8:00 video. 2011.

--Present an Illusion

An announcement for drivers to be more cautious. A proposal to make a deterrent for drivers speeding up behind you on the road; putting a mirror on the back of your car. Maya animations and video.
2:10 video. 2011.


The sensation of dragging your head.
1:38 video. 2011.

Chronicles of Ridicule

Artist faced with ridicule every day, complicating his direction and action, causing reasons to trip and haunted by critics and fans.
3:18 video. 2011.

Ronnie/Pear of Normal Activity

Immersive projection booth, Ronnie, designed and built allowing for an image to be projected on a screen that wraps around the face. Viewers would kneel down upon plush pillows and put their head behind the curtain to view what ever video, or video game, is being shown. With in-your-face DLP projection video and stereo theater sound, Ronnie is the future of escapist entertainment.

In the case of New Media BFA Show "Fifteen" December of 2010, Ronnie was showing "Pear of Normal Activity." A video piece created specifically designed with Ronnie in mind. The video consists of long sequences of large group social interaction of nightlife scenes, with varying speeds and adjustments depending on sequence, filmed from hidden camera locations. Curiosity leads gallery visitors to submit to the question of 'whats behind the red curtain?' in the most sincere way; on one knee and face covered. Inside will be seen a party in progress, but no one knows you're there watching and listening, although not much is deciphered and sentences are occasionally misunderstood. It is an exclusive experience that can be witnessed one at a time, and becomes a test for the art viewer who might feel uncomfortable in the viewing position.
Mixed materials, projector, pillows. 2010.
15:48 video loop. 2010.

3D Modeling

A video navigation of a train set and crystal mine terrain built in Maya.

Heavy Half Minute

Playing in After Effects with some videos I had recorded years earlier. Using rotoscoping and video collage.
0:32 video. 2010.

Down The Hatch

A photo sequence animation created as one part of a larger story. Surrealistic writing technique translated to video collaboration of Experimental Animation class.
1:00 video. 2010.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Voyage to the Flesh Planet

Due to a world wide blood shortage, one brave warrior must set out to find blood elsewhere. "Voyage to the Flesh Planet" is a stop motion short involving a journey to a living flesh planet inhabited by blood thirsty insects, stunning sci-fi visuals and dramatic space opera romance. Accompanying the scenes is a score by Milam Stone as vast and chilling as space itself.
3:25 stop animation. 2010.

Trapped In This Prison of Seclusion

When stuck in a cage, it's hard to think of anything other than the bars restraining. An After Effects project practicing video collage. Song is The Books - It Never Changes to Stop.
2:00 video. 2010.

Integral Smoking Machine

Beginning as a Smoking Baby that didn't function; the Integral Smoking Machine project became about functionality over form and the baby doll features were scrapped. Over a process of several month and multiple versions resulted a fully operational cigarette smoking robot that will never quit.
4:24 video. mixed media kinetic sculpture. 2009-10.

On a Walkabout - Hobo Nature Hike

An enjoyable afternoon walk.
2:12 video. 2009.

Radio Head; Selfish Consumer

Designed as an installation where art show goers would be asked by the piece to be fed some of the food provided at the event. Therefore creating "Selfish Consumer".

Here, a  demonstration video of the head of the Selfish Consumer piece as a stand alone Radio Head. KNTU 88.1 FM playing in the background.

3:12 video. Mixed media and radio. 2009.

Bourbon Snoutpickers -- Fall 2009

Photoshop mock-catalog. 2009.